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nakiamonroe [userpic]

Hair...and new loves

January 5th, 2007 (07:10 pm)

My mood: curious

I use to be a very loyal Rococco/18th century costumer. But lately I have found myself utterly intrigued with tudor and victorian clothing. I have always "liked" them. But now they are really growing on me. My huge list of dresses I must have has quadrupled.

How does everyone do their period hair? Without hair pieces, if possible. I don't have the money for hairpieces. I am talking not only style, but hair care. Obviously way back when, people didn't wash their hair everyday with Pantene and blow dry it. Any good resources for period haircare?

Here are some examples (the b&w photos are distant relations or unrelated from Owsley Co. KY historical society): behind the cutCollapse )

nakiamonroe [userpic]

Took the plunge...

December 17th, 2006 (04:05 pm)

I bought way too much and it is taking everything I have in me not to get more. Bad girl, bad!

I bought for Maddie (her bday is in 3 weeks!)

1 yard of http://www.fabrics-store.com/first.php?goto=big_fabric&menu=f&menu=f&fabric_id=1021
5 yards of http://www.fabrics-store.com/first.php?goto=big_fabric&menu=f&menu=f&fabric_id=27

2 beginners samplers: http://scarlet-letter.com/title/samplerpg.htm (I forget the names of the ones I got!)
6 books that are colonial (Felicity) or cats related

The Cecile and Isabel dolls and books from ebay


Apparently I didn't get that great a deal and should have bid instead of buying them "now", but whatever.

The JP Ryan six piece wardrobe pattern for myself
New France Girls pattern set for Mad

and I am going to have to order some miscellanies like linen thread on Monday from either
or http://www.wmboothdraper.com/Samplers/childrens_page.htm

The problem is that I just want too much from the above places and I know that I will spend all of the grocery money on these places. I need to meditate on self control. Hey, I was a good girl when I got the patterns and cloth (just barely enough for the shifts for now, I hope), right? Now to be consistent...

nakiamonroe [userpic]

Harper House/longago.com

December 16th, 2006 (06:28 pm)

So I was about to order a couple of patterns from http://www.longago.com/colonialchildren.html and the shopping cart doesn't work. It says something about their business for sale, but it was updated recently. I emailed them, but I have yet to hear back. Anyone know what's going on here?

nakiamonroe [userpic]

Need costume help! (and such)

December 15th, 2006 (08:50 pm)

Apparently this town sucks (ok, I already knew that!).

I could not find a scrap of real linen, pinking shears, decent dressmaking scissors, linen or silk thread, decent lace, or a good old fashioned dip pen with inkwell and sealing wax kit.

I am trying to get a shift together for dd, and then I will go on from there.

I used to have links saved as to where to at least find the linen, but I can not for the life of me find it! Please help, I need to order this online, because I am not getting any of it around here!

nakiamonroe [userpic]

Fun with the letter J

December 7th, 2006 (11:58 am)

Thanks to tayloropolis for this!

Things that make me happy that start with the letter J:

Jungles-I love being lost in deep wooded areas.


Jellyfish-so mysterious and beautiful yet dangerous

Jumping rope


J.R.R. Tolkein

Jane Austen

That's all I can think of right now...

nakiamonroe [userpic]

Dress planning...

December 1st, 2006 (02:31 pm)

So I have updated my links to include some of my current obsessions.

I have decided that the Rococco/18th century is where my heart is. I really do like some victorian gowns (especially the bustle and late 19th century), but right now my heart is set on being broken with a Robe a l'Anglaise.

I think that I am going to order the JP Ryan stays patterns and then move onto their Robe a l'Anglaise pattern. I seriously want all of their patterns.

I was going to try to draft my own or rescale from the Janet Arnold/Corsets and Crinolines books, but I am feeling lazy and I have too much going on. I will work my way up to those.

And my dd still wants that Felicity dress, but I am still having trouble finding a pattern for her. I might try to scale hers up. I wonder if that would work...

nakiamonroe [userpic]


November 29th, 2006 (09:39 am)

How exceedingly general:


Which Tudor Queen Are You? - Quiz

Fun with women's history

You are: part Queen Elizabeth I, part Mary, Queen of Scots, part Catherine of Aragon

Queen Elizabeth I of England, the daughter of King Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. Henry had Anne executed, after dissolving their marriage, charging her with infidelity (and more). Elizabeth ruled in her own right, after the death of her sister, Mary. Her motto was "Always the Same."

Mary, Queen of Scots, was first betrothed to the Dauphin of France, who died shortly after their marriage and his ascension to the throne. She returned to Scotland, where her mother had been regent for her, and assumed the throne. But her short reign was troubled: Catholics versus Protestants struggling for the throne, and a pretty messy love life: her second husband was murdered, and then she was kidnapped by and married the man widely blamed for the murder. Mary was a cousin of Elizabeth, and assumed by many to be next in line for the crown. Thus, she was a threat to Queen Elizabeth, who eventually had her executed. Mary's motto was "In My End Is My Beginning."

The picture depicts a fictional meeting between the two cousins, who never actually met face-to-face in real life.

Catherine of Aragon was the daughter of Queen Isabella I of Spain and her husband and co-ruler, King Ferdinand. Promised in marriage to the heir to the Tudor throne, prince Arthur, she married Arthur's brother Henry after Arthur died. Her failure to have sons meant Henry looked elsewhere for a wife. He broke from the Church of Rome in order to end his marriage to Catherine, who continued her own devotion to Catholicism and passed that commitment on to her daughter, the future Queen Mary I ("Bloody Mary"). Her motto was "Humble and Loyal."

Catherine de Medici
You scored 59% on ruling power!
You are: Catherine de Medici, Queen of France, 1519-1589. Catherine de Medici was a born into the influential Medici family of Florence, Italy. In 1533 she was given in a political marriage to Henri, Duke of Orleans, who became the French King in 1547. As queen she was very influential in bringing aspects of Italian culture to France, such as their theater and food. After her husband's death, she gained political power as regent for her sons (she had ten children). An ambitious woman, she actively involved herself in the political intrigues of the court, always trying to increase royal power. At first Catherine tried to reconcile France's opposing Catholic and Protestant factions as their violent disputes threatened national unity. But with the massacre in 1570 of Protestants (the massacre of St Bartholomew), this peace was shattered, and Catherine was blamed for allowing it to happen.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 99% on ruling power
Link: The Which Historical Queen Are You Test written by queenforaday on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

nakiamonroe [userpic]


November 28th, 2006 (01:41 pm)

Ganking this from Tayloropolis who snatched it from laurenmonkey:

nakiamonroe [userpic]

Doing my research...

November 27th, 2006 (09:41 am)

My mood: restless

In other news, I realized that we had a University Library in town that I could actually go to!!! The town library is better than in our old town, but still woefully understocked. I can not check things out (no NC drivers license), and I don't have a Piratecard thing, so I can't make copies. I am going to have to find a way around this...

But I found almost EVERY single costume and pattern book on my wish list!!!! I have spend an hour on Saturday and an hour on Sunday going through them all. I don't have a parking pass, so I have to use the meter which only runs for an hour, so I have to do this in spurts.

I am SOOOO excited. Most of them are in the creepy remodeling wing with plastic on the bookshelves and what looks like blacklights, so I get kinda freaked being back there long, but I am going to go back tomorrow maybe and see about making a couple copies or at least looking over a few books again.

Unfortunately, they do not have Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 1660-1860.

So I am now trying to decide what to get myself for xmas. I really don't have any money, but I am going to splurge on the credit card. I can sew, though I get ADD on the machine, so this will all be done by hand. I used to make dresses all the time when I was a kid. And my grandma's a quilter who taught me a lot, so I can do this!!!

I have decided I like the Robe à l'Anglaise from J.P. Ryan. And I will need the stays pattern. My 5.5 yo is obsessed with Felicity from American Girls, and wants her blue gown from her Felicity's Surprise book. I think that this Small Girls 18th Century Gown http://rockinghorse-farm.com/tab2/store/category/8n23/Childrens.html would be decent. The size is 3-6 and she is more of a 6, and I am wondering why they don't have an in between size (the next largest is 8-14).

So maybe I should keep looking around for a better one for her. http://www.longago.com/colonialchildren.html has one New France, 18th century New France Girls pattern. It isn't exactly what she wanted, though.

This is what she wants:

I am way too motivated to do about 300 dresses that I am currently obsessed with.

So now I should order those and decide on fabrics...I suppose since I don't know exactly everything I will need that I should wait until I actually get the patterns before I order stuff.

nakiamonroe [userpic]

Been awhile...

November 27th, 2006 (09:18 am)

I have been so busy reading everyone else's blog that I have neglected my own!

My SIL and her boyfriend and 2 yo came down for Thanksgiving. Which wasn't too bad. Much better than expected. I do have a couple of things that I need to get off my chest, though.

1. Just because your child is screaming doesn't mean it was my kid's fault. She took the toy from my son and was mad because he didn't want her to.

2. Don't waste so much friggin food! You don't need a whole plate of food if you don't plan on eating and are just going to trash it.

3. I can NOT stand pickiness. Maybe it was from being hungry so much in my life and not having the money for food. But just don't be so picky around me or at least don't say you want it and then pick around it, wasting it.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. Basically I should have just said screw Thanksgiving and gotten McDonalds and they would have been happier.